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Laminator Tips: Choosing the Right Machine
September 06, 2016
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Laminator Tips: Choosing the Right Machine

With back to school in full swing, it's important to make sure you have a laminator to last the year. If your laminator isn't in the best shape, here are some tips on what you should look for.

1. Type

There are typically two types of laminating technology — hot or cold. A hot laminate machine uses heat to melt a film or pouch onto your material. A cold machine uses pressure to apply a film or pouch, which then bonds your material. Out of the two, we'd personally recommend a hot laminator. Documents tend to last longer and the film and pouches are generally less expensive.

2. Speed

Your laminator's speed typically depends on how much time you want to spend waiting for your material. If you have a cold machine, the time is usually less, as a hot laminator takes 1-2 minutes to heat up, depending on the machine's quality.

3. Laminating Thickness

In most cases, film or pouch thickness isn't usually a problem. However, keep in mind that the thicker the laminate, the more tear resistant your document will be. If you are looking to laminate something and don't want it to bend at all, choose a thicker laminate like a 7 or 10 mil.

4. Price

Of course, sometimes the best laminator is the one that fits your budget. We carry a bunch of laminating machines at different price points. It depends on the features that your projects will require. And Don't forget to check out our Rebate Center to receive additional discounts.


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