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Top Items To Laminate in the Office
MaRCH 2, 2016
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Top Items to Laminate in the Office

The truth is that one laminated item just leads to another. And now that you've got your shiny new laminator, we'll give you a few ideas to put it to use.

1. Business/ID Cards

How often do you reach for a card in your wallet or purse only to find it bent? Laminating business/ID cards not only guarantees that you won't harm your information, but neither will your recipient.

2. Phone Lists

Just admit it. You eat at your desk sometimes and splatters can happen. Laminating client or internal phone numbers will stop reprints and frantic googling to replace numbers.

3. Presentation Sheets

Nothing says bright idea quite like a shiny laminated presentation. It also shows forethought, planning and will help you stand out against your competition.

4. Policies/Procedures

Rather then printing out forms every time you need a new employee to look over policies, just print one and laminate. They can view and return when finish! Transfer signatures over to an online format.

5. Counter Signs

If you are in the retail business, you know that the front desk sees some serious wear and tear. Laminate your important information and hang it with Velcro.


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