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Father's Day Gift Ideas
May 9, 2016
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Father's Day Gift Ideas

Is your dad always at the office? If your answer is yes, try wrapping some of these office supplies for this upcoming Father's Day. Not only will you score a good gift, but one we can guarantee that he will actually use!

Custom Imprinted Mugs or T-Shirts

Order a custom mug or t-shirt with your father's favorite saying on it. If he doesn't have a quote he likes, use his favorite sports team! He'll think of you each time he has his coffee or tea break.


Let's be honest. One phone charger only leads to another. Even if he has one, he can always use another to leave at the office or in the car. Just be sure to remind him to Bluetooth in the car - no texting while driving!

Laptop Locks

If your dad is of the traveling sort, try gifting a laptop lock. It will make him feel secure on those long business trips and relax a little more.

Bluetooh Location Tracker

Is your father always misplacing items or losing his office keys? With a Bluetooth Tracking device, he'll always be able to find his items - even if he can't remember where he put them.

Post-it Pop-up Notes Dispenser

Give your dad a smile every time he has to jot down a note with a uniquely shaped dispenser! We personally love this karate one. And if you're feeling extra ambitious with your gifting, you can also equip his dispenser with some custom notes just for dad!


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