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Effects of Ink Color in the Office
October 24, 2016
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Effects of Ink Color in the Office

According to Science Daily, the color of your writing utensil is just as important as what you write with. Check out these little known blue and red ink facts below. You might be surprised to learn how much your chosen pen color plays a part in your day!

Blue Ink

People tend to associate the color blue with things that represent openness, such as the sky, ocean and water. This makes people feel safe and therefore more likely to be creative when using blue. If you are in the process of creating, it's a good idea to reach for blue pens.

Red Ink

Thanks to stop signs and other red emergency lights, we tend to associate red with danger and caution. This means that we pay careful attention to details when something is written in red. If you are editing or revising a proposal, red pens are the better choice.


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