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It's Easy Being Green
JANUARY 18, 2016
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Easy Being Green

Being a green office doesn't always mean dollar signs. It also doesn't mean drastic changes. Sometimes it's as simple as offering an alternative to what's been done in past. So in the green spirit, we're asking all of our customers and employees to try these five ideas. Give the gift of a cleaner and brighter 2016!

1. Turn It Off

Implement a "switch off" program. Hang a sign that encourages employees to shut off their computers, digital frames and lights when they leave for the day. For most of us, it's an afterthought!

2. Double-Sided Printing

Default printing to double-sided. Most printing is thrown away at the end of the day. So save a page or two by searching your printer's instructions online. You'll be surprised at how much paper you'll save.

3. Names Go a Long Way

Set-up an environmentally friendly signature. All it has to read is "please consider the environment before printing this email." Your employees and clients will do the rest.

4. Lower Your Wattage

Replace old light bulbs with energy savings ones. Some brands come with lower wattage and guaranteed energy saving labels.

5. 100% Recycled

Considered recycled paper for your printers. You'll be astonished on how many options are out there -and at reasonable costs. Some brands even work to make recycled paper from wood chips!


Can't see working any of these options into your office? Then just donate your empty toner cartridges to our Recycle for a Reason Program. Each quarter we select a new charity that will benefit from your dontation.

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