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Easter Egg Decorating Ideas
March 21, 2016
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Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

As the weather warms, our inner craftiness comes out. But instead of using traditional methods to dye spring eggs, try these office product alternatives.

Permanent Markers

Try using Sharpie Markers! The idea is to avoid coloring fingers and dishes by skipping dyes altogether. Bonus: Your Sharpie gives you extra precision. And you can use rubbing alcohol to create a "blurred" effect that is often desired from dyes.

Chalkboard Paint

Yet another reason we office geeks love our chalkboard paint. Coat eggs (or stones for a everlasting egg) with paint then give chalk to the kids to display their inner Picasso. Erase and create new designs every day. If you opted for stones, you can store and use again next year!

Washi Tape

We have yet to find a place we can't use washi tape, also known as Expressions Magic Tape. Pick your favorite design, grab some scissors and unearth your very own unique creation.

Glue + Sparkles

Pour glitter into a paper coffee filter, sponge on glue to your egg and you're ready to roll.


Did all these ideas have you hatching another non-traditional egg decorating tip? We want to hear it! Tweet or post it to us using #SpringDecorating. Or get right to crafting by shopping all our supplies.



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