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Declutter Your Workspace
JANUARY 4, 2016
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Declutter Your Workspace

While most people claim that spring is the time for clearing out clutter, it could be argued that most organizing happens directly after New Years. As people start to prioritize their life, they become more diligent and aware of their surroundings. So in the spirit of helping New Years wishes and goals come true, here are some tips for decluttering and cleaning your office space.

Put It Away

Start by putting everything away. Let's face it; most of us think we need everything at an arm's reach. In reality, we probably use less than a third of it. Start by putting everything that is cluttering the top of your desk in drawers. Only return items as you need them. After two weeks, say bon voyage to anything that is remaining in your drawer and hello to a whole 'lotta space.

Use a Little Elbow Grease

Break out the cleaner. Once you clear your desk, you'll notice some cleaning has been neglected. Reach for your office's janitorial items. We're talking spray bottles, dusters and trash bags. Focus on the items that you use most often. For example, can you remember the last time your phone's earpiece was cleaned?

Trust Your Instincts

Place items where you instinctively go. Do you find yourself always reaching for your pens on your left? Your stapler on the right? Humans are creatures of habit. If you are doing something over and over again, your body is telling you something. If you start synching up your natural instincts with the placement of items on your desk, you'll notice your workday will have less pauses and, therefore, more productivity.

Start a Daily Routine

Remember to maintain. Part of working is getting messy! Your desk is expected to get cluttered with paper, pens and other things. Sometimes, there's not enough time to place something back its rightful home. So, allow yourself 5-10 minutes at the start (or end) of your workday to reorganize. It'll keep your area tidy and prevent you having to take the time to search for an item throughout the day.


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