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Cleaning Tricks for Holiday Parties
November 28, 2016
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Cleaning Tricks for Holiday Parties

A good holiday party is full of the worst kind of messes. To make sure your office or home stays clean throughout the season cheer, keep these cleaning tricks up your sleeves!

Trick #1: Use a Lint Roller

Use a lint roller to pick up pine needles or glitter.

Trick #2: Use Vinegar & Baking Soda

Boil vinegar and baking soda in a burnt pot to scrub clean!

Trick #3: Use Dish Soap & Hydrogen Peroxide

Stained couches and chairs can be fixed by wiping with a mixture of dish soap and hydrogen peroxide.

Trick #4: Use Hand Sanitizer

Sticky icing can be cleaned from fingers and household fixtures with hand sanitizer.

Trick #5: Use Newspapers

Put newspaper in the bottom of trash can liners to soak up any liquids guests may throw away.


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