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Not All Cleaning Cloths Are Equal
September 12, 2016
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Not All Cleaning Cloths Are Equal

Although we may not realize it, we all clean on a daily basis. Whether it's our job or we are just removing the evidence of a meal gone wrong in the office microwave, we all reach for a cleaning cloth. However, not all cleaning clothes are made equal, so here are three things to look for when buying for sanitation:

1. Liquid Absorption

The best products are geared towards duel situations. Ideally, your cloth should not only be a magnet for dust, but also be able to shine with water.

2. Multiple Colors

Multiple colors prevent cross contamination of materials and provide an easy way to color-code to make sure your cleaning gets done - i.e. red for kitchen, blue for bathroom.

3. The Microfiber Advantage

If possible, reach for clothes that are microfiber. The short explanation is that an ordinary cloth has large fibers. A microfiber cloth has small fibers. The more fibers a cloth has, the more ability it has to attach themselves to the smallest dirt particles such as bacteria, pollen and hair.

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