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Back-To-School Ideas for Teachers
July 25, 2016
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Back-To-School Ideas for Teachers

While kids like to think that school's out forever, teachers know better. So here are a few ideas that you can implement when the classroom is back in session to keep restless summer minds on the goal at hand.

Hand Sanitizer Hall Passes

This creative idea not only ensures that the child goes to where they are supposed to be going, but also provides a reminder to wash hands after using the lavatory.

Velcro Dry Erase Markers

This trick helps you keep track of your white board markers in the classroom by velcroing them to the board. It also makes your markers last longer as the ink is always saturating the tip of the marker when hanging upside down.

Post-it Boards

Create a "What stuck with you?" board to see what students remembered or forgot at the end of each week. Encourage questions and thoughts to be added to the board as well!

Absentee File Box

Designate a box or cabinet to fill with files for all the days in the month. Put copies of each day's assignments in the files. Let students grab missing assignments when they are absent.


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