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5 Gifts for Admin Day
April 11, 2016
nice guys : )
5 Gifts for Admin Day

It's official. April 27th is Administration Professional's Day. So to honor the occasion, we put together little gift list. Because - let's be honest - where would you be without all that phone wrangling, appointment making, printer fixing and shipping expertise!

Gift Idea #1: Techy Gadgets

We live in a digital age; and that means everyone loves tech. Browse our website for the newest in office supplies - something as simple as a power bank or phone charger can go a long way.

Gift Idea #2: Mug

It's a thank you with every sip - a great way to show your appreciation in a functional way. With our nice guys : ) mug or our logo mall, you can even customize a mug with your admin's favorite saying!

Gift Idea #3: Chair

We've yet to meet an admin that leaves their command center. Update their chair to show you know how much work happens in that seat! Visit our Try Before You Buy program to pick the perfect one.

Gift Idea #4: Tote or Bag

Sometimes we wonder just how much admins can actually cart around in their bags. It almost guarantees that a new one is in order.

Gift Idea #5: A Day Off

Of course, when products don't accomplish it, you have to think outside the office. Literally. Give your admin a day to themselves to relax!


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