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90 Years In The Making
March 8, 2016
nice guys : )
90th Anniversary

We are very excited to announce our company will turn 90 years old on March 19, 2016. And as we look towards the future, we thought we would provide our readers with highlights from the past!


The Timeline

1926: Small Beginnings

Garvey's Office Products was founded in 1926 as Schiller & Schmidt. The original owners, Alex Schiller and Alex Schmidt, met while working as salesmen at a company called Ed Garvey Printing.

Fun Fact: Ed Garvey Printing is of no relation to the current Garvey family.

1954: The First Garvey

Alex Schiller hires Bernard Garvey, Sr. to work as a sales rep after meeting him at a wedding. What a pivotal hire that was!

1968: Ownership Changes

In 1968, Bernard Garvey purchased Schiller & Schmidt - bringing his children into the business one by one.

1992 - 1993: Becoming Family-Owned

Eventually, five of Garvey's eight children purchased the company from their father and changed the name to reflect its family-owned status.

1997: Ch-Ch-Changes

Faced with changing times, the siblings - Bernard Jr., Ken, Kevin, Sheila and Dan - started altering inventory and offerings to stay competitive. They expanded selections and began operating 24-hours to ensure next-day delivery.

2007: Nice Guys : )

Eventually, the tagline of "The nice guys in office supplies" was coined – to describe how employees deal with customers, vendors and each other.


Garvey's Office Products is a $40,000,000 per year supplier of office supplies, furniture, breakroom supplies, document finishing, promotional products and more. We've come a long way since 1926, and we look forward to see where the next 90 years will take us.


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