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5 Digital Office Purges
June 6, 2016
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5 Digital Office Purges

If you're looking to be more productive at work, most people can agree that the best thing to do is toss paper. But for some, that's a large feat. Buried, it's hard to know where exactly to start. So, here are five things to do that will get you into the mindset to purge.

1. Delete/File the Emails in Your Inbox

If you've completed an email, file it. If you finished a task, delete it. Now, the top of your inbox becomes your digital to-do list.



2. Delete Old Voicemails

We know that blinking red light bothers you as much as it does us. And think of how refreshing it will be to know that the light actually means that a call was missed that day.



3. Scan Paperwork

Invest in a desktop scanner to transfer files to your hard drive. If you have a lot, be sure to dedicate an extra hour to shred important paperwork.

Scan Paperwork


4. Digitize Appointments

While it's okay to write down your appointments on a sticky note when you're busy, devote some time to put appointments and meetings on your email calendar. Not only will you find the alerts useful, but also the extra desk space.

Digitize Appointments


5. Declutter The Desktop

It's the same concept as a surface desk. You don't need everything at arm's reach. Organize files into folders. A useful tip is to store items by date - that way, in three years you know what to delete when storage space becomes limited!

Declutter the Desktop


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