Stocking Stuffer Ideas
November 20, 2015
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Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Around the holidays, there are two types of adults after a certain age: Those who make and receive stockings and those who don't. If you're in the former group, here are some ideas to make your stocking one that brings out the inner child!

1. Power Charger

These nifty items can be used year round, and you can never have too many. They are small enough to fit in your stocking and cheap enough not to infringe on the candy budget.

2. Hand Sanitizer

With sticky food and the cold and flu season upon us, you can never have too many sanitizers. Use portable ones to fit in your stocking.

3. Cord Identifier

Whether you're at work or at home, everyone can use an item that organizes. It's especially handy if you live with a techie or two or three, and wish to stop the "you unplugged my cord again" crisis.

4. Earbud Wraps

Perfect for the workout-prone or just the walker who always has their headphones in. Keep it themed and buy a couple of new earbuds as well!

5. Webcam

If you're looking to help update your stocking receiver's computer (and communication) without purchasing the whole shebang, webcams run relatively cheap now and provide just as good quality.

6. Mousepad Rests

A long day of work can suddenly be made better when you have a little support. Bonus: Mousepads are flexiable enough to stick in a stocking.

7. Laptop Locks

If the person is always on the go, a laptop lock can be useful and convenient! It's the one item they never knew they couldn't live without.

8. Sticky Note Dispenser

With choices such as Cat and Karate Master… You can't go wrong with a gift that gives a smile.

9. Smartphone Car Mount

Although the law says hands-free, let's extra make sure! It's perfect for the person who's always traveling.

10. Location Trackers

SAlthough a bit on the pricey side for a stocking, if you're willing to splurge, these little black markers are super useful for the standard "Have you seen my keys?"


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