5 Must-Haves for the Shipping Season
December 7, 2015
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5 Must-Haves for the Shipping Season

For most offices, as the holiday season approaches the packing and shipping season begins. And unless you are serendipitous blessed, you will come across the occasional office supply battle wound. So in the spirit of the season (and preserving precious fingers and feet), we've decided to share the top five office products that will get your product packed, shipped and out the door!

1. Envelope Moistener

If it were just one envelope, we wouldn't gripe about using our tongue. However, if your company lacks envelopes that have a peel, stick and close method, an envelope moistener could quickly turn into your best friend.

2. Rubber Fingertips

Isn't the old saying that one paper cut only leads to another...? If you're counting, filing or sorting, these odorless tips will prevent you from binge-using the office bandage stock.

3. Box Cutter

Sometimes we wonder if the hulk met up with a tub of box tape and just went to work! While scissors can be sufficient, remember that box cutters are called box cutters for a reason.

4. Self-Inking Stamp

While handcrafted labels can be crafty, let's just admit to ourselves that not everyone has the artistic talent to make a label look clean.

5. Bubble Wrap

There's nothing worst than getting a product out the door only to have it returned due to stress and strains of the delivery ride. (How fast can post office trucks go?) Besides, you have to factor in the entertaining factor of bubble wrap!


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