DIY Secret Santa Gift Ideas
December 2, 2015
nice guys : )
DIY Secret Santa Gift Ideas

If your office is filled with Nice Guys :) like ours, you may find yourself entered into the yearly Secret Santa pool – willingly or not. Since we know how hard it is to keep within the mandatory $5 budget, here are five DIY Secret Santa Gifts to keep the Bah Humbug in you at bay.



Thumbtack Wreaths

1. Thumbtack Wreaths

Décor is always appreciated around the holiday time. If your coworker's desk is lacking cheer, help them spruce it up by simply purchasing some round foam core and thumbtacks. You'll make a festive (and quite glamworthy) wreath.



Custom Candles

2. Customized Candles

Who doesn't have a permanent marker on hand? Purchase some white candleholders from your local dollar store or clearance aisle and personalize away!




3. Customized Ornaments

If your coworker is of the holiday tree variety, some clear ornaments should do the trick. Pop open the cap and stuff with their favorite colors. This one we found actually only requires tinsel!




4. Customized Frames

Sometimes a coworker is more than a coworker, but a friend. Print out your favorite office memory and place it in a frame. Decorate with brightly colored folder tags.


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