5 Simple DIY Halloween Costumes
October 13, 2015
nice guys : )
5 Simple DIY Halloween Costumes

As any monster-friendly office knows, there are two things that must happen in October: An impromptu scare from the janitorial closet and outdoing that certain office coworker when it comes to Halloween creativity.

While we can't help with scaring, we can certainly provide a few costume ideas. And as a bonus: If you wear one of these or your own creation to our 2015 Vendor & Product Show, you will be entered to win a $100 Amex Gift Card! May the best costume or monster win.

1. Twister Board

White T-Shirt + Sharpies = Twister Board. Let's face it! Everyone has played this game at least once when they were a kid. In this situation, the standard "and you are?" won't apply.

2. Gumball Machine

Apron + Black Marker + Colorful Cotton Puffs = Gumball Machine. This Halloween, inspire the office "Awwww's." Just don't forget to write 25ยข… It's a good collection method for that certain person who hogs the printer!

3. Cereal Killer

Empty Cereal Boxes + T-Shirt + Stapler + Red Paint = Cereal Killer. Who doesn't have some empty cereal boxes lying around? Take it from us, there's nothing better than recycling material into or for something new. Add a bit of humor, and you've got yourself quite a costume!

4. Red Crayon

Red Hat, Shirt & Pants + Black Fabric + Glue + Scissors = Red Crayon. The only thing you'll have to do is cut out the word Crayola in fabric and glue it your outfit! In the office environment, there are so many objects to take your inspiration from!

5. A Nice Guy

A Nice Guy from Garvey's Office Products. Thanks to our Nice Guy store, you can actually dress up as your local Nice Guy. Personality quirks optional of course. But the rule is that you must help out with all your office's supplies and product needs!


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