2016 Office Predictions
December 21, 2015
nice guys : )
2016 Office Predictions

As 2015 comes to a close, we look to our Nice Guy crystal ball to take a guess at what's in store for 2016. After a careful shake (or two), here's what we managed to divine for the offices of tomorrow.

More Standing Desks

From the high-rise desk converters to stand-up workstations, you can only expect this category to grow. The motto of these products is that a healthy environment promotes the best kind of work, and we have to agree. We look forward to seeing if the trend will work its way beyond the cubicles and into meeting and lunchrooms.

Ergonomic Everything

The concept of the term ergonomic is simple – fit the product to the person, not the person to the product, and we are already starting to see it catch on! From chairs to wrist supporters, there are even staplers with the term attached. 2016 office aches and pains beware.

Customize This

Every office is different, and businesses are starting to want their office to not only function as a workspace but, in essence, reflect who they are. As our furniture specialists continue to design office spaces, we expect to see more and more in the way of customized orders with color accents that reflect your companies spirit.

Techies Unite

As technology grows, it tends to become smaller. This leaves more room on office desks and, therefore, more space to leave things on. Space savers will become key for decluttering office workstations.


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