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Do You Have Sitting Disease?
November 13, 2014
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Victor High-Rise Desk

Chances are as you read this blog - you are sitting at your desk where you sit upwards of 6 hours a day! If you add up your commute to and from work, and any time watching tv at night, you may be sitting more than you should. Research shows that long periods of inactivity may raise your risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, cancer and obesity. None of this sounds appealing!

Most people find it difficult to find additional time in their day to exercise when they work full time. No one wants to get up earlier than they already do to try to squeeze in exercise. At the end of the day, most people are too tired to entertain the thought of going to the gym. So the best time to get some exercise in is right in the middle of the workday. How you ask? With one of the new High Rise™ Desk Converters by Victor Technologies.

Victor's High Rise Collection solves the problem of Sitting Disease because it makes you stand up to get your work done. They offer three different models - 2 that are standing only and one that will allow you to sit and stand when you want to throughout your day. The DC100 is a solid unit which positions your keyboard and monitor so that you need to stand to use them. The DC200 also positions your keyboard and monitor where you need to stand, but it does swivel from side to side and raises and lowers about 4 inches for optimum height. The final model, the DC300 allow you to raise and lower your keyboard and monitor to allow you to sit or stand periodically throughout the day.

Check out our video and try one out today! We have several people here at Garvey's who are standing and loving it!   Watch Now »


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