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You had me at…Toffee
March 13, 2014
nice guys : )
Rise 'N Roll Toffee

If you ever have those points in the afternoon where you are craving something sweet — Garvey's has the perfect solution for your craving! Rise 'N Roll Chocolate Covered Toffee is the best tasting toffee we have EVER tried — and believe me, we have sampled quite a bit of toffee. So far an open bag has not lasted more than 10 minutes in our kitchen and that is a sign of greatness! You have to be quick to have tried this toffee at Garvey's. Not for our customers though! We have plenty in stock now and more on the way!

So what makes this toffee so good? It is the pure ingredients — nuts, butter and sugar. There are no preservatives and other flavors added. It is just real butter, real nuts and sugar.

It makes a great Birthday gift for someone at the office, or a reward for a job well done. Try a bag today and let us know what you think!


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