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Is Your Chair Zenful?
March 05, 2013
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Is Your Chair Zenful?

Tired of that same old black desk chair you sit at every day? Have you tried to promote a healthy lifestyle by sitting on an exercise ball, but find it rolls away whenever you stand? What if your exercise ball had legs to make it a little more stationary? What if this chair came in different colors allowing you to spice up your workspace? The Zenergy™ Ball Chair does all this and more! The Zenergy™ Ball Chair has four legs and a fabric covered 17-inch exercise ball on top! This chair promotes better posture and balancing. Give yourself a little core work out trying to sit up the right way on one of these. Zenergy also encourages natural fidgeting which studies have shown helps burn calories! You don't need to toss your desk chair entirely, but keeping a Zenergy chair around for a few hours a day of core work is not a bad addition to your desk. These are small enough to tuck away when not in use. So keep that body engaged and stick with those New Years Resolutions you made and burn some calories!

Available in 4 fun colors: Lime Green, Crimson Red, Pink, Gray or Black.


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