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At-A-Glance— Wounded Warrior Project Calendars & Planners
December 17, 2013
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At-A-Glance— Wounded Warrior Project Calendars & Planners

If you have not heard of the Wounded Warrior Project, go look it up. Don't worry, I'll wait… You back? Inspiring, right? I spent a good half hour reading some of the stories on their website before writing this. The Wounded Warrior Project, or WWP, provides services to physically and mentally wounded soldiers who have served after 9/11 in missions like Operation Enduring Freedom in the Middle East. WWP helps the veterans get support through counseling, education, and rehabilitation. It connects the soldiers to others that have had similar traumatic experiences, so they can talk about their burdens with someone that truly empathizes. Finally, the WWP helps raise public awareness about the great need for care that veterans are in. Like any other charity, they need money to do this, and companies have partnered with WWP to create products that benefit the charity.

One of these very gracious companies is ACCO Brands®, which produces At-A-Glance® calendars and planners. ACCO Brands® has produced a line of At-A-Glance® products that benefit the Wounded Warrior Project. Each calendar or planner has a selection of stories highlighting the bravery and determination of some of the WWP's warriors. These stories are truly motivating and have definitely helped me before in getting through rough days. If you've had enough of those motivational posters with a sailboat, a mountain, or something, and big letters saying DETERMINATION or PURPOSE, then this is the calendar for you. These don't contain abstract ideas and overused clichés, they introduce you to real people with real stories. Plus, the purchase of these products sends funds towards WWP. ACCO Brands® has actually promised to make a minimum donation of $125,000 by December of next year. With your help, they could far exceed that, and you get a calendar! What a deal.

Make your schedule more motivating and help a good cause with calendars and planners from At-A-Glance® and the Wounded Warrior Project. Everyone can learn something from what these people have been through and the progress they have made. While most of us cannot call ourselves heroes in that respect, we can all be heroes in the way we live our lives, and helping out a Wounded Warrior is a way to do that.


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