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Say hello to... Stack-and-Shred
February 22, 2013
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Say hello to... Stack-and-Shred

How many pieces of paper do you shred in a day? How long does it normally take to shred that many papers? Minutes? Hours? Swingline's Stack-and-Shred™ 500X Shredder is the perfect way to shred all those papers in two easy steps:

Step 1: Simply load the paper in the tray.

Step 2. Walk away. That's it! Load paper and walk away.

The Stack-and Shred™ 500X can handle up to as many as 500 sheets of paper at one time. If you forget that those papers may be stapled or paper clipped together, no worries, this shredder can handle it. It can also handle CDs, credit cards, and legal size documents. This shredder also features a bypass option located on the top of the shredder. The bypass can handle six pages at once. Sensitive documents are not a problem for this machine! It has a four number pin option. Enter the pin and the tray will not open until the job is complete. So don't let the daily task of shredding get in the way of your workday any longer!


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