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Smead® Easy Grip File Pockets
April 30, 2013
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Smead® Easy Grip File Pockets

Organization Is Key In An Office Setting

Without it, it would be chaotic, messy, and you would never be able to find that paper you set on your desk last week. But even organization has its limits; we may have papers in their proper files but what about carrying those big bulging files from place to place?

You know the ones I am thinking of. The heavy ones you dread grabbing when you only have one hand open because you know the inevitable. You know that one of these times that file is going to slip right out of your hand putting the papers in complete disarray. Or to keep that file from falling you grip it so tightly that there is no way it will fall, then not only does it fall but you have also pulled a hand muscle.

With the new Smead® Easy Grip Pocket those fears and dread instantly vanish! With this new technology Smead has added a grip to the file pocket to make it easier and more manageable to grip with one hand! Walk with your head high gripping onto that heavy file and feel confident walking it across the room.

Also with the extra support of the Tyvek around the edges, this pocket virtually will not tear! The biggest pocket can expand to 5¼ inches! We offer the Smead® Easy Grip Pocket in a few different colors and sizes to accommodate any office and any amount of paperwork!


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