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No Time To Waste
July 3, 2013
nice guys : )
No Time To Waste

You have a big presentation coming up and you want to make binders stocked with your best work. The insides look beautiful, if you do say so yourself, but you want to slip papers into the spines to make the outsides of the binders look just as nice. There is one problem with this task — it's virtually impossible. If anyone has tried to slip a spine insert into the spine of a binder, you will know what I'm talking about. All you end up with is several crumpled slips of paper, a headache, and a binder that still doesn't have a title on the spine.

The good folks over at Samsill® felt our pain, and did something about it. They created the Speedy Spine™ Binder. It uses special spine channel construction and probably a little magic to allow the paper to literally fall into the spine. Watch the video, I'm not kidding. It has been proven by extensive research (we had a race) that placing spine inserts into the Speedy Spine™ Binder is five times faster than normal binders. Just stand the binder up, slip in the insert, and let gravity do the rest. I may be more excitable than the average Joe, but I was genuinely amazed the first time I saw the video. Samsill® has revolutionized creating custom binders — so much so that I'm surprised this hasn't been given a Nobel Prize in convenience yet. What? That doesn't exist?

Well then I am bestowing the unofficial Nobel Prize in convenience on the Samsill® Speedy Spine™ Binder. Why pass up the opportunity to own a binder that has such a prestigious award? Go ahead and add the Samsill® Speedy Spine™ Binder to your shopping cart — available in black or white, and round-ring or D-ring.


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