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Keep Germs at Bay This Spring
March 7, 2013
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Keep Germs at Bay This Spring

Purell® Touchless Dispenser is the most efficient and effective way to eliminate the spread of germs. With cold and flu spreading through offices quickly the touchless dispenser is the best chance to stop the spread of germs, and keep people in the office and productivity up!

Holding a refillable 1200mL pouch of sanitizer the dispenser lasts up to 30,000 uses with the help of its C-batteries before needing replacement. With these long lasting batteries the flu season will be over before you need to replace the batteries! The skylight on the front of the dispenser alerts you to how much sanitizer is still available at any given time. Simply place this dispenser in high traffic areas around the office and stop the spread of cold and flu in its tracks.

Purell Hand Sanitizer kill 99.9% of germs, and with all the things you and your colleagues touch it creates a lower chance of an epidemic running its course through the office. By waving your hand under the dispenser you will enjoy the perfect amount of foamy, germ eliminating hand sanitizer.


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