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Notes for New Places
July 11, 2013
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Notes for New Places

You walk over to your colleague's cubicle to ask him if he got your note about the important order he had to place, only to find out that the sticky note had fallen off of his wall and flew under his desk, never to be seen again. You walk into your house, feeling like you're forgetting something, when you realize that you forgot to pick up the milk because the note you stuck to the dashboard had flown out the window this morning. The second incident has actually happened to me — no joke. You wonder sometimes, "Why do sticky notes only have a tiny strip of adhesive at the top? I want more!" These were the issues and questions that plagued the minds of the average person until the Post-It® Notes Full Adhesive Notes came along.

This revolutionary product turns the original Post-It® Notes on its head, filling the entire back of the note with Post-It® Notes' famous high-stick, low mess adhesive, leaving a small strip without the compound for easy removal. The pad can be stuck basically anywhere for easy access, like the lid of your laptop, and, for that matter, for difficult access — you can put the pad on the ceiling if you're trying to improve your vertical jump or on the top of your shoe to work on your stretching. The notes cling to any surface like your legs stick to the vinyl seats in an old car. This makes silly situations like I mentioned before almost impossible. The same size as normal notes, I like them better than the original. And I really like Post-It® Notes, so that's saying something. Available in loads of colors, you can even color-code your reminders. I'm not that organized, but these notes definitely make everything a great deal easier.


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