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The Revolutionary Stapler Has Arrived
April 9, 2013
nice guys : )
The Revolutionary Stapler Has Arrived

When looking for a stapler we tend to base it on price, how often it jams, how many sheets it can staple at once, staple capacity, and of course, the colors it is available in. Garvey's Office Products asks you to look no further than the PaperPro Desktop Stapler! Not only does its colors include translucent green but to staple something it only requires a finger. Not your whole hand, not your entire body weight (you know you've body slammed your stapler to make sure it got all 20 pages), but just one solitary finger.

The technology doesn't stop there! This stapler is an anti-jam stapler, and has a no slip handle and base. So you won't drop and break it mid staple. The staple capacity is a full strip of 210 and standard staples are included! These are the staplers you've been looking for!


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