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From Flat to Finished
JuNE 25, 2013
nice guys : )
From Flat to Finished

You come to the office today to find that forty file drawers of records need to be transported offsite. You have to assemble 60 boxes!! There goes your morning!! You think, "If only someone could come up with an easier solution!"

Fear not overworked office staffer, there is a new box on the market, and it's just about as amazing as Transformer toys when they first hit the market. Okay, maybe not that cool. From the geniuses at Bankers Box® comes the mighty Mystic Box! (Cue trumpets and fireworks). The Mystic Box folds from flat to finished in the blink of an eye! With a 750 pound stacking strength, Mystic is the strongest box on the market. They are also made of 85% post-consumer recycled material!.

Transformer reference aside, this is an amazing product. The Mystic Box completely revolutionizes the mundane task of making boxes, turning hours into minutes. It's as easy as 1, 2. It's so easy; there isn't even a step 3. Just take the flat box and pop it open into a square, then push the base down. I probably could have made 2 boxes in the time it took me to type this sentence, and I'm a decently fast typist. Think of how much time can be saved with this because the Mystic Box is quick, does not mean it lacks in strength. As mentioned earlier, it has a 750 pound stacking capacity without breaking or bending. This helps avoid the awful inconvenience of having to re-box items because the current box has given up. Finally, the lids have fold-in handles that create a secure hold between box and lid. In every area, the Mystic Box fights crimes of inconvenience to make your office a better place to be.

The Mystic Box could be the savior of your storage woes, all at an oh-so-nice price from the nice guys in office supplies!


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