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DYMO® LabelManager Wireless Plug 'n Play… A Perfect 10!
September 11, 2013
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DYMO® LabelManager Wireless Plug 'n Play… A Perfect 10!

Your office or department within a larger office probably has its own printer shared by the employees near it. It's a simple, effective system. When you need to print something, just send it to the printer, walk a few steps, and pick up your paper. Now imagine this printer had to be plugged into your computer to work at all, and it was still shared among 15 or 20 people. You would probably need a whole mess of cables to reach everyone's computer, or you could just carry the printer to your desk whenever you need it. Alternatively, you could just expect everyone to drop several hundred bucks to get their own printer. No? Bad ideas? Of course they're bad ideas, that's why we made wireless printers. If you're an office that does a lot of file labelling, barcode printing, and other tasks involving labels, you wouldn't want to run into these same problems with a label maker, right? Well, then why hasn't someone seen the problem and made a wireless label printer yet?

Breaking News! Someone has! As much as they would love everyone to buy their own label maker, the good folks at Dymo® know that sharing is caring, and have created the Dymo® LabelManager® Wireless Plug 'n Play. Just connect your computer to the device, pull up the streamlined software, and print! It has wireless connectivity built in, and is able to connect to any other computers using the same wireless network that you are. This isn't a one trick pony printer either, as it can print dozens of different types of labels, from library codes to QR codes to UPC labels all at a crisp, clear 300 dpi resolution, so you never have to worry about the label not scanning right or being hard to read. It's no slowpoke, either, because it can print 15mm per second, getting your labels out lickety-split, and it'll even automatically cut the labels for you as they come out.

With all of this printing prowess, you might think it's a large, complex machine, when in reality, it's the exact opposite. It weighs about 1 pound, and takes up less space than a toaster. You could even sit it on top of your printer – it could act as your printer's trusty sidekick. It only has 1 cable, a USB to connect to your computer or through an included wall adapter to charge, so it is far from complex.

Embrace the magic of sharing with the LabelManager® Wireless from Dymo® today, and check it out on our catalog at a price you'll definitely share with your friends!

For a limited time you can get the Dymo® LabelManager® absolutely free when you buy 10 boxes of qualifying labels. Hurry — Offer expires October 31, 2013.


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