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HYGEN™ Clean Water System
March 12, 2013
nice guys : )
HYGEN™ Clean Water System

Do you mop? Do you mop a lot? Are you tired of constantly changing the water in the mop bucket? Are you tired of pretending your floor doesn't need mopping because you know you have to look at the dirty water, and change it out at least twice while mopping?

Well throw away that old bucket and mop. The nice guys : ) are here to introduce the New Rubbermaid® HYGEN™ Clean Water System! That's right folks, it's a mop bucket that cleans the water all by itself! The built in agitators, and water cleaning system that are in place filter the water and ultimately clean it so you no longer have to take trip after trip to the janitors closet to dump the dirty water. Believe me it's real, oh and it works too.

Not only is the clean water an excellent and efficient way to mop, but the micro fiber mop itself also has it's own merit. The mop gets floors 45% cleaner than other mops, and does not need to be wrung out to the extent an ordinary mop does, thus saving you hours of worrying whether or not your floor looks cleaner or dirtier than before.

With the mop, and bucket combination, not only will you be excited to mop again, but you'll be helping the environment


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