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Hon® Ignition Chair
March 19, 2013
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Hon® Ignition Chair

If you have been looking for the perfect office, a chair that fits and molds to your body then look no further than the HON® Ignition Chair! The Ignition provides the ultimate comfort. With adjustable seat height, arm rests this chair provides just he right elements for you to be comfortable in your workspace, lunchroom, sitting room, or where ever you may be sitting.

The Ignition Chair also provides lumbar support, eliminating any back pain in an instant. The customization doesn't stop there! The Synchro-tilt allows you to control just how much the chair reclines, providing you with a natural recline instead of the full and sometimes alarming full recline of other office chairs.

This amazing chair is all encompassing after making all the adjustments to fit your needs; the chair becomes your chair and yours alone. No one will be as comfortable in your chair than you. The Ignition chair comes in many different colors as well as having a mesh back or a full leather cover.


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