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Hon® Ignition Chair
August 15, 2013
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Hon® Huddle

There's less than half a minute left in the game. You're down by 3. Do you send your kicking squad in to secure overtime? Do you take a risk and go for the full touchdown? One thing you know is that you can't make that call by yourself. You have to see how the team's feeling. You call a timeout and go into a huddle. How does the story end? I don't know, it's your football game.

Communication is vital in any team setting, and the huddle is one of the most effective forms. The members are literally putting their heads together in a real environment of teamwork. Each individual member becomes part of one large entity. While just about all businesses do not conduct their meetings in huddles, but around tables, we still want our meeting places to have the same versatility and ease of access as a team huddle. Our partners at HON® have perfectly encapsulated these abilities in their line of adaptable tables — aptly called the Huddle™ series.

Huddle™ tables are the perfect set of furniture for a room that serves many functions because they are light and easy to move. In the morning you could form a big square to have an open discussion with the rest of your department, then quickly change the room into a classroom-like setting for new employee training the next hour, and then store all the tables easily in the corner at the end of the day. With available nesting technology, the tables can fit together into a fraction of the space they took up when flat (this perfectly pairs with many of HON's series of nesting chairs). Also, the nesting hinges have dampers and locks that make them easy to fold and secure in both folded and unfolded states.

In order to find your ideal setting and size of collaboration, Huddle™ tables offer many sizes and shapes. Most are proportioned to link together seamlessly; for example the flat side of the semicircular tables are the same length of two ends of the rectangular tables, so putting them together makes a wonderfully shaped large table. With "ganging hardware" a.k.a. those swingy hook-like things under the tables, you won't have to worry about annoying gaps forming when the tables are put together — they'll stay together.

The Huddle™ tables are no slackers in the style department either, as they are available in endless combinations of color, finish, and edge trims. They've got some hidden secrets, too. There are available power hookups nicely integrated in the underside of the tables, and convenient grommets that contain either standard AC outlets or USB and SD slots. The tables also hook together electrically, so you don't have to plug in every single table. Just one.

Overall, the Huddle™ tables will make your office "huddles" much more productive and easier to facilitate. They're team players that will work for you in your busiest times. Go to the Hon Spot link on our site and add the Huddle™ table series to your team today!


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