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Heat-up This Winter With Fellowes® Climate Control Footrest
October 22, 2013
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Heat-up This Winter With Fellowes® Climate Control Footrest

Offices are teams, there's no doubt about that. Even teams, however, have their disagreements. I find that the thermostat is a common issue. Some like it a little warmer than others, yet there must be a compromise (personally, I find that compromise to be awfully cold). Why can't each desk have their own HVAC system? While that would be nice, it's just not an option.

One way you can get close to creating your own climate in your office is through the Fellowes® Climate Control Footrest. Just select a setting, place it under your desk, and feel the comfort set in. With three temperature settings, it solves any problem. Cheap boss won't turn on the heat during winter? Hello, high heat. Sun blaring through your window roasting you like a marshmallow over a campfire? The cool fan has you covered. Toes getting a little chilly? Low heat will comfort them. It's made of durable plastic, so it won't become scalding after heating or freezing after cooling for a while. Want even more relaxation? You've got it, because the footrest also sports massage bumps to relax your tense feet. Adjustable height and angle help you find the optimal position. This is sounding more and more like a spa treatment than a footrest, but, nevertheless, it is still a footrest. It's probably a lot less than a spa treatment, too.

Don't feel guilty about plugging it in, either. It barely uses any electricity to work, and has an auto-off feature that saves you or your company money on electric bills. You could either still go for a quote on a heating system for your cubicle from your local contractor, or just head over to and get yourself a Fellowes® Climate Control Footrest. Here's a hint: the second choice probably won't give your wallet the chills as much as the first.


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