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New! At-A-Glance® Wallmates Planning Surfaces
September 26, 2013
nice guys : )
At-A-Glance Wallmates Planning Surfaces

I had a Dilbert comic-a-day tear away calendar on my desk last year. I got some good laughs out of it, but I couldn't help but notice how much paper it took to make one of these, then I noticed my big paper monthly calendar, also lots of paper. Finally, I thought about how I had to buy a new one every year, oh my gosh I'm singlehandedly destroying the rainforest! Wait. Calm down… Deep breaths…Deep breaths. I don't need to get caught up in all of that guilt. I've recycled the paper that I've used, but isn't there a better way for me to keep a calendar?

Yes there is, past self! It's an At-A-Glance® WallMates Planning Surface. Rather than constantly tearing pieces of paper off the wall or having to buy a new calendar every year. These whiteboard planners make the perfect organization buddy, with minimal hassle, cost, and waste. They come in the blank outline of a calendar, and you just have to fill in the dates with your favorite color dry erase marker. They're available in different styles, from weekly to year length; so, whenever that time period is up, just erase and write in the new dates — no ripping or re-hanging required! You can even get a blank style to have a big reminder board/scoreboard/doodling surface! The dry erase surface cleans easily and is smooth to write on; plus it's magnetic. Is paper magnetic? Nope. The adhesive hangers are super strong, leave no residue on the wall, and won't damage the paint. Overall, I see this as the most economical and clean solution to scheduling your wall will ever see.

You don't have to worry about buying these at any particular time either, since you make the dates! While it may not have a new joke every day, you can draw your own!


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