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Share Content in a Powerful Way with the 3M MP410 Projector!
August 22, 2013
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Share Content in a Powerful Way with the 3M MP410 Projector!

In today's "mobile" culture, we are always looking for more portable solutions to our already advanced technology. Cell phones evolved from large plastic bricks to little computers you can fit into your pocket; computers, which used to take up an entire room are now super-slim and light. Everything is getting smaller (except gas prices), which makes other common technology seem huge and cumbersome. I think of the projector. They take up valuable table space and, no matter how much you fiddle with it, the image somehow always ends up upside-down. Also, wiring them into the ceiling makes them hard to reach and completely un-portable. What if you need to present something in a room without a projector? You're certainly not going to ask all of the prospective clients to gather round your laptop like schoolchildren during story time, and you couldn't imagine the inconvenience of taking down the office projector and bringing it with you.

That introduction probably stressed you out just reading it (sorry), so let me present the solution before you get too worried about your imaginary presentation. Behold, the 3M MP410 Mobile Projector! This little wonder in a box solves all of those inconveniences that plague the travelling office worker. Weighing in at 13 ounces, it's about as cumbersome as that sandwich you packed for lunch, and it's smaller, too. The projector is a little bit bigger than your palm. Go ahead, look at your palm and think about that for a second- it's tiny.

Just because 3M cut down on weight with the MP410, doesn't mean they compromised on power, though. It uses LEDs to illuminate the image, rather than conventional bulbs, so you don't have to replace anything, which can save you lots of dough. You would need to give a 20,000 hour long presentation to burn this projector out, and I don't think anyone has done that yet, so you should be fine. With this technology, it can match any regular projector, being able to project 17"-100" images in high-quality.

Finally, the MP410 way easier to use than a big, complicated projector. It has very straightforward controls, not cluttered with buttons and jacks you'll never use. It has a gigabyte of internal storage, so it can save your presentation itself and pull it up immediately, saving you time. With an available wireless input, it can even connect to your computer without having to use any wires, helping you upload your presentation from almost anywhere.


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