Communicating in Tough Conditions

Even without any obstacles, communication in the office can be tough. For workplaces exposed to mother nature, it can be almost impossible. This is why Post-It has created a new line of notes for extreme settings…

92nd Anniversary Giveaway

Congratulations to Magaly M. from Harris Associates! As the winner of our giveaway, Magaly will receive an insulated lunch tote filled with Nice Guys gear. Big thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate our company's 92nd Anniversary. If you missed this chance to participate, make sure to subscribe to our email list for future chances to win!

Q&A with the Original Mr. Garvey

The original Mr. Garvey sits down for a Q&A session in celebration of Garvey's Office Product's 92nd year as a family-owned business. Learn a little bit about how the next generation of Garveys started selling office supplies and how it was never Mr. Garvey's intentions to bring everyone into the business!

Ways to Be More Productive

Do find yourself running short on time and wondering where the day went? In today’s digital age, it’s easy to get sidetracked! We have so many forums for communication that sometimes work objectives…

92nd Anniversary Giveaway

To celebrate our 92nd anniversary, we’re giving away a Nice Guys Insulated Lunch Tote filled with goodies. Comment on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram and tell us why you love working with the Nice Guys to be entered for the chance to win. One winner will be randomly drawn and announced March 21st. Earn additional entries by placing an order over $92 on our anniversary, March 19th.

Find Furniture That Fits

Do you find that your back kills after a long day of sitting down? That your neck aches? Or how about soreness in your hands? These are all signs of ill-fitting office furniture…

Most “Borrowed” Office Supplies

An office supply disappears from your desk, and it’s up to you to find where it magically teleported to. In an effort to help you keep the tools that make your workday productive…

Wet Erase Versus Dry Erase Markers

Not all erasable markers are created equal. If you’ve just purchased a whiteboard for your office, you’re probably wondering what type of marker will work best with its surface…

How-To Overcome Tedious Office Tasks

When faced with exhaustion at work, it’s important to remember you have the resources to overcome the task at hand. Follow these simple steps to keep your workday and life productive…

Office Chair Purchasing Guide

An office chair can affect everything from productivity to overall health. In order to find the right chair for you, here are five things you should consider…

Winner Announced: Nice Guys Apparel Color Contest

Congratulations to Mary Podgers for winning our Nice Guys Apparel Color contest. Big thank you everyone who commented! We are proud to launch the popular vote of purple as our new apparel color. For more chances to win, make sure to like us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram.

Whiteout: Liquid vs. Tapes vs. Pens

When dealing with things digitally, it’s easy to correct mistakes. Just one backspace, and your problem is solved! The real challenge is when you print on-the-go and notice a mistake…

Winner Announced: Deflecto's Get Organized Contest

Congratulations to Jodine Kazupski for winning Deflecto's Get Organized contest. Big thank you to our sponsors, Deflecto, Westcott and Tombow, and everyone who entered. For more chances to win, make sure to subscribe to our newsletters and emails!

New Job Survival Kit

It’s that time of year where many people fulfill their New Year’s goals and resolutions by starting a new job. From an employer’s perspective, it’s important to retain the employees…

Recycle for a Reason: Chicago Child Care Society

New year, same mission: To help local non-profits and the communities they serve. At Garvey’s Office Products, we love recycling, and we especially love when the recycling we do turns into real dollars…

3 Products to Beat the Winter Chill

When you can see your breath and you aren’t outside, that’s how you know you work in an office where the pro-cold outnumber the pro-heat. If you aren’t an abominable snowman…

Deflecto's Get Organized Contest

Love to organize? To honor the upcoming month of February, we're giving away some goodies to feed your love of organizing. The prize of Deflecto's Get Organized Contest includes…

Pilot 3-Piece Luggage Set Giveaway

We are excited to announce the winner of our Pilot® Pack Away the Savings Luggage Giveaway Contest. Congratulations to Anna S. from Diocese of Chicago Episcopal. We hope you enjoy your 3-Piece Luggage set from Pilot.

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